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This will be the Follow-Recommendation list for people who want to keep up with the Future of News. Feel free to add a Twitter handle including link and a short description!

The list is a collection of follow recommendations by the people in the COM466 class and a little bit on top of that. Comments are taken from the original recommendation.

Practicing Digital Journalists:


  • chasejarvis – Seattle based photographer
  • @_chuck_talyor_ Post-PI Seattle Journo
  • @gonzogrrl political online Journo, Renton
  • @jasonp107: Jason Preston of Seattle is blogger for “140|The Twitter Conference: taping into the real time web.” It’s an innovative site that works with online users (like business people and developers) to get the latest in web updates.
  • @JJtweetsYoung Seattle freelance and bike enthusiast
  • @king5eveningmag / Evening Magazine, gives information on the KING 5 program, which is the only TV magazine show in the Seattle area.
  • @atPunliCola Local Seattle News
  • seattlecourant: editor of, Keith Vance, maintains the page. He mostly updates with news stories about Seattle’s city council and school districts. As the editor/owner of an online news source, I like that he isn’t afraid to provide links to other news sources.
  • @TheNewsChick Seattle freelance Linda Thomas

Seattle Blogs

  • @beaconhillblog (sort of in the online game)
  • @Bigblog (pretty active) Twitter account for the Seattle PI’s main news and conversation blog
  • @Fremontuniverse (Fremont is the center of the universe! That means they probably have too much going on to tweet it… right?)
  • @Myballard (could do a little more)
  • @westseattleblog (very active)

All over:

  • @Catone: Josh Catone of R.I. contributes all kinds of articles on an assortment of topics of the digital world. He stretches his skills from being a manager, a blogger and an editor.
  • @cijournalism – Center for investigative journalism, based in London
  • @curt_m: good tweets about journalism, he even RT’d one of Adam’s tweets on why journalists deserve low pay
  • @digidave: David Cohn, founder of Won knight foundation challenge
  • @earleyedition – He’s an Aussie who stays up to date on important trends in digital media and social networking.
  • @jackschofield – As the computer editor of the Guardian he is up to date on a lot of technology issues and also a photo buff.
  • @jeffjarvis / Jeff Jarvis, blogs for
  • @jiconoclast: editor of He’s also very active in journalism and the direction it’s going
  • @KGeee / Katherine Goldstein, blog editor at the Huffington Post
  • @knightpulse / Knight Pulse, interested in the future of news
  • @lizstrauss: Liz is extremely relevant to the COM 466 group project because she analyzes new business models for online media. She also claims to be a social web strategist (maybe she can solve our addictions to Facebook..maybe).
  • @marshallk: Marshall Kirkpatrick of Portland is the VP of Read Write Web –need I say more?
  • @maxgladwell Great Twitter resource. Claimed “the nexus of social media and green living.”
  • @maureenwm / Maureen Alley, managing editor of Website Magazine.
  • @nytimesbits / News and analysis from the technology industry throughout the day from the New York Times.
  • @NYT_JenPreston / Jen Preston, journalist for the New York Times
  • @paulbradshaw – As an online journalism and web design professor at Birmingham City University, he’s a great resource for tech news and trends
  • @Rickdog– no particular reason, but this guy seems to be really linked to the world of journalism and talks a lot about it; plus, he has a lot of followers, which in my mind makes someone pretty credible on Twitter.
  • @ryansholin – He’s the new Director of News Innovation at Publish2 and works with journalists to give them all the tools they need to utilize web technologies.
  • @Specialdee – Fellow blogger and frequent Tweeter who often writes about technology
  • @Scobleizer: Robert Scoble of Silicon Valley, CA is an avid blogger. He manages his own blog called “Scobleizer bleeding edge technology talk.” Right now he’s in the process of building a community of people through a site called Building 45. This man looks a lot like Phillip Seymour Hoffman…
  • @smh_multimedia / Multimedia and photos from the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • @steveouting: journalist, consultant, and entrepreneur from Colorado. He has some great stories on his blog, including one about using Twitter for note-taking in the classroom.
  • @steven_king / Multimedia storyteller based in Washington, D.C.
  • @suzanneyada – San Jose biz and journalism student; claims to be part of the future of journalism and blogs about it!
  • @tariakpodiete: journalist/social media enthusiast. His tweet about Firedoglake raising money for an investigative journalist grabbed my attention. He also has other great tweets.
  • @toadmeister – His bio says it all “Soon-to-be Old Media casualty struggling to appear digitally with-it.”
  • @yelvington: he’s a lifelong journalist and strategist for a media company. Lots of good information on his blog. He also tweets frequently and covers good topics concerning journalism.
  • @webbmedia: great person to follow for updates about technology and journalism. Webbmedia Group is a consulting agency that helps companies adapt to technology.

Jobs for Future Journalists

Teachers, Help&Tutorials for the Practice:

  • @brizzyc – Professor Carrie Brown. University of Memphis, Department of Journalism.
  • @Careerbuilderpr: People need to realize social media tools such as Career Builder can be utilized to elevate ourselves on the career/corporate/resume building way.
  • @citmedialaw / Non-profit at Harvard University providing legal assistance and resources for online and citizen media.
  • @DesignNewz Actually a design source, but provides information about image editing, web layout etc.
  • @djournalist – The Digital Journalist — a multimedia magazine
  • @drcarp – Professor Serena Carpenter. Arizona State University, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • jayrosen_nyu: he teaches journalism at NYU and writes for the blog PressThink. He’s always tweeting with great information for journalists.
  • @jonvibe – Professor Jon Glass. Syracuse University, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.
  • @journalistics — solving communication problems for journalists, bloggers, etc.
  • @ljthornton – Professor Leslie-Jean Thornton. Arizona State University, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication.
  • @mattmansfield / Matt Mansfield, Medill journalism professor in Washington, D.C. Also, he is the president of the Society for News Design.
  • @newsandtech – technology operations meets newspaper
  • @photojack An experienced stock photographer, he knows has the knowledge to help aspiring photogs turn travel photos into revenue.
  • @photoshoptips Great resource for tools and tutorials to help ease Photoshop frustrations.
  • @socialmediaclub: Social Media Club. Everyone has room to learn social media. And this is the account to get up there

Organized Citizen Journalism and Connection Creators

  • @bridge2science: Connects Journalists and Scientists
  • @iamnews– an open news room for journalists and freelancers
  • @nowpublic – world’s largest participatory news network
  • @Reporterssource – Free service linking journalists and businesses of all kinds
  • @RTjournalism: Retweets messages from Journalists – nice way to find more journos on Twitter
  • @spotus – Crowdfunded Journalism Project in the Bay Area
  • @SvyATL : SvyATL consistently has new tweets about marketing ideas. In class we are speaking about branding, in particular ourselves. Everyone needs a little marketing advice here and there.

also (from David Cohn):

Interesting Entrepreneurial Journalism:


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