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Students as News Consumers (Script for Audio)

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[Image via OU]

Written By: Ryan Boulanger
Narrator: Michelle Vu (with slight voice-over editing)

The Internet is changing how people access media. Most news organizations are having trouble adapting to the changes that are taking place. Print newspapers have dominated news media for centuries but now people want their news faster than a daily newspaper can offer.

Johnny Banchero is a junior at the University of Washington and he’s concerned for the future of print newspapers:
“I completely understand where they’re coming from, where everybody’s moving to online formats and no one our age is subscribing anymore, just because it’s not what they use to get their news but there’s so much history in America behind the newspaper. I do personally enjoy the newspaper and having something physically in your hands.”

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Understanding the future of news

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nickbilton's Flickr picture

nickbilton's Flickr picture

The producers of this blog are a group of college students concerned with the future of news.  As potential journalists, or at least a fresh group of people entering the digital age, we are studying what is to come of our beloved ink-splattered paper.

From what we’ve learned in class (Com 466 Digital Journalism), we are seeing the trickling effects of printed news transitioning to the Internet.  Everything from jobs, to reporting tools, to business models is all being changed and we want to inform the public through our blog.

In the previous post, we used a fun video to distinguish what exactly is going on in journalism – it is a battle between citizen journalism and traditional journalism.

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June 5, 2009 at 12:12 am

Lego man explains citizen journalism

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This is a fun video explaining the rise of citizen journalism over traditional journalism – using Lego men. 

Here is a list of takeaway points:

  • Journalism is now a two-way stream
  • Blogs and video streaming sites are ways to tell a story
  • Internet connections, computers and mobile phones are the necessities
  • Nearly anyone can report a news story
  • Independent reporting is occasionally filtered through major news outlets


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June 4, 2009 at 11:21 pm

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